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Finding your way to a cheap hotel just about anywhere in the UK couldn't be easier. Whether you're looking for accommodation in a specific location, or if you're planning to stop overnight on-route to your destination, our hotel finder makes it simple to find the perfect Premier Inn from Aberdeen to Yeovil. With a route planner and information on local restaurants and services, Premier Inn Finder tells you all you need to know.

Helping you find a Premier Inn Hotel near you

At a Premier Inn, you'll find the warmest welcome, best value and service excellence. By far the largest hotel chain in the United Kingdom, Premier Inn hotels has over 750 hotels in convenient locations countrywide. If you're on a family holiday, Premier Inn's free family rooms and informal ambience are conducive to relaxation, while business travellers can make use of the top-class meeting and conference facilities.

Premier Inn's recently refurbished rooms are comfortable, clean and spacious, with en-suite bathrooms, desk areas and hairdryers. Most also have king-sized beds and Fogarty duvets, top-quality linen, air conditioning, Freeview digital TV and internet access. Every Premier Inn has a restaurant and licensed bar, either on the premises or adjoining it, which serves everything your taste buds could desire, from a light snack to a hearty meal. The all-you-can-eat Premier Breakfast will satisfy the healthiest appetite, and if you're in a hurry, try the grab-and-go.

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