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British Think About Their Work – Even When They Sleep

by Keith on 13 Jan 2012

It’s global knowledge that sometimes Brits statistically work long hours, but apparently when we lie down to rest at night most of us dream about work. Yes, the awful reality is that it seems to be all work and no play. When a recent survey was conducted, British people seemed to take their work not just home, but also to bed with them!

Your bed is supposed to be a sanctuary, and one of the only places that you can escape from stress. It is now clear that many Brits dream about work, on a regular basis, which is quite worrying and unhealthy for the mind.

The problem seems to be long office hours, late nights with work worries and more disturbingly people that bring their work home from the office. The Premier Inn Hotel has worked with someone to interpret dreams and they have made the dream dictionary available on their Facebook page.  A lot of people have dreams that just don’t make sense and they want to interpret them to see why they reoccur or just what they mean. Well now you will be able to do this.Dream Premier Inn Sleep

The research that was conducted to determine that Brits dreamed mostly about their work issues showed that one in three closed their eyes and dreamt about the office. Some poor people took their ‘nightmare’ colleagues to their dreams with them. Especially if they encountered problems with the colleague earlier on at the office then the likelihood of re meeting them in the land of nod was pretty high. Most of us want to forget about our bosses, but that wasn’t something that 20% of poor Brits were able to get around because that many of them took their boss to their dreams with them.

The Premier Inn Hotel chain asked over 2000 of the British public about their dream patterns and found that 20% of Brits dreamt about work if they were under pressure. An amazing 50% dreamt about their work colleagues as opposed to celebrities and other fantasy dreams.

The survey conducted found that 12% of people didn’t dream at all, perhaps they are the lucky ones among society. 52% of people get amazingly confused by their dreams and would love to know what they mean. Dreams that leave you puzzled or wondering if there is a meaning are perhaps the worst because no one likes to be left in the dark about things. Sixty percent of people that were questioned about their dreams expressed that they would love to know what their dreams meant and that is why the Premier Inn hotel decided to open up the dream dictionary on their Facebook page, so the next time you are faced with a dream that doesn’t make sense, simply check out the dictionary.

And as for the office dreams, it just goes to show that you should really choose your profession carefully because no matter where you go or how much you try to escape it you really cannot.

What do you dream about? Do you have a regular dream?