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Director of ‘Bed Bouncing’ Has Backside Insured For 4 Million

by Keith on 18 Jan 2012

Yes, you read the title correctly. It’s true if you thought that your job was a dream job, then you should try the role of Natalie Thomas, the 39 year old that comes from Bedfordshire has a perfect job. She has to visit all of the Premier Inn hotels around the UK and bounce on their mattresses, testing them for comfort and quality. If you were ever told not to jump up and down on the bed as a child then this job would be perfect for those of you that want to get back at your parents. The Premier Inn employed Natalie to test out the mattresses because her backside has a remarkable sensation when bouncing on beds and she is able to pick out even the smallest of lumps that can help to disturb a good night’s sleep.

A typical day at work can see Natalie bouncing up and down on beds at various Premier Inns for up to eight hours a day! She travels around testing over 46,000 beds every six months to make sure that hotel guests get a good night sleep. Because of her job role, Natalie has to make sure that she takes extreme care of her backside and puts special moisturising cream. She also needs to make sure that she doesn’t wear heavy material that can help to take out the sensation of bed bouncing from her backside. The hotel are so happy with the work that their director of bed bouncing is doing, that they have decided to insure her bottomfor 4 million GBP. Not as much as JLO, was was reported as having insured her rear for a whopping 18 million. Although, it’s pretty good going for a Natalie who’s bosses are obviously very happy with her work.

Two thirds of British people say that they have had a bad night’s sleep because they have suffered with a mattress that is uncomfortable and a whopping 63% have complained of suffering back or neck pain at the hands of a bad mattress. It was this research that made the hotel chain to decide they needed to employ Natalie as the Director of bed bouncing so that they can have all 602 hotels around the country checked out for comfortable beds. 62% of Brits said that they would like the hotel to have someone to go around and check out the comfort of the beds regularly in order to ensure that they are comfortable.

Director of Bed Bouncing

Natalie says that she is thrilled by the decision of the hotel and she loves her job. She works closely with a team of bed bouncers and she said they have a great deal of fun , but also makes sure to take it very seriously to ensure that all guests at the Premier Inn  Hotel get a great nights rest.

The hotel will give Natalie a 2 week break from bouncing on her behind and have purchased her a special support chair so that she can sit in comfort when she has her break.  Perhaps the saying sitting on your backside has been interpreted to a whole new meaning now – and bouncing on your backside would be more appropriate to Natalie! The Premier Inn Chain takes their bed comfort very seriously and wants to ensure that all guests get a good night’s sleep. If not 100% happy with a nights sleep, the brand offer a full refund.


  • Joybob1983

    I think this job is brilliant and greatly needed – it should be extended to all hotels and guest houses. I am appalled that the majority of beds I have ever slept in in England are extremely uncomfortable. I have travelled across Europe and other parts of the world and have never suffered the appalling beds such as we have in England. Congratulations Premier Inns!