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Jay-Z stays at Premier Inn

by Andrea on 7 Sep 2010

According to a report from News of the World, Beyoncé and husband Jay-Z booked a room and stayed the night at a Premier Inn when they visited the Isle of Wight recently. The couple were visiting the island while Jay-Z headlined at the musical festival taking place at Seaclose Park, located not far from the Newport Premier Inn.

Jay-Z and Beyoncé stayed in one of the budget hotel’s £29 per night guest rooms, and, according to local sources, the 40-year-old rapper chose to dine at a Pizza Hut close by, after his wife had indulged in an impromptu shopping spree for clothes at New Look, a popular local retail outlet.

The source went on to say that the couple seemed to be completely down to Earth, and that they had simple tastes, so much so that they preferred to have a pizza instead of eating in a posh restaurant, or even the top-class eatery located at the Premier Inn. This all comes shortly after a recent claim by Jay-Z that his superstar wife would make an excellent A&R.

The budget hotel hosted several other showbiz celebrities over the festival weekend, amongst them Sir Paul McCartney, who made the most of his £29 per night room and transformed it into a Moroccan-style retreat during his stay. Jay-Z and Beyoncé hosted a party after Jay-Z’s performance, at which they indulged their guests with mountains of chocolates and sweets. A Premier Inn spokesperson said that the hotel was delighted to accommodate the stars.