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Lenny Henry in Premier Cradle to Rave Tour

by Andrea on 22 Feb 2011

Comedian Lenny Henry is staying in Premier Inns for the duration of his five-month ‘Cradle to Rave’ tour, due to his television ads deal. The millionaire has already booked a £29 per night room at 50 Premier Inn hotel branches for his upcoming 64-date UK tour.


According to one source, when a star like Lenny travels he would usually stay in four or five-star luxury hotels, but, being the face of Premier Inn means he has to stay in a budget hotel on his Lenny Henry Premier Inn Tour, just like the thousands of other travellers on Britain’s roads.


The source added that, while there won’t be 24-hour room service or four-poster beds, it won’t be an uncomfortable experience for Lenny, since Premier Inns are ‘perfectly fine’ hotels. Lenny will be staying inBerkshire’s Newbury Premier Inn at the start of his Lenny Henry Premier Inn Tour next Tuesday.


Two years ago, the 52-year-old comedian signed a profitable contract to represent the hotel chain, and this means that Lenny Henry is staying in Premier Inns during his tour, along with his crew. Although one was banned during children’s shows because it was too frightening, Lenny’s TV ads have boosted sales.