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New Premier Inn in Bradford

New Premier Inn Hotel in Bradford City Centre Creates jobs

by Keith on 23 Dec 2011

Forty two unemployed Bradford residents reaped in the benefit of a new job, when the Premium Inn opened up its doors in Bradford. The Premier Inn group of hotels decided to invest over 10 million GBP into turning old offices into a magical 118 bed roomed hotel. The office block underwent an amazing makeover.

New Premier Inn in Bradford

The new hotel opened up on the 5th of December 2011 and it’s located on Vicar Lane, where Yorkshire Water offices used to hold their business dealings. The owners of the Premier Inn chain of hotels, Whitbread are confident that the venture was a step into the right direction and will make a fantastic site because it’s situated directly in front of the Westfield Broadway shopping centre. Making it an excellent destination to stay for shoppers that wish to travel to Bradford.

The manager Mr. Simon Docherty aged 36 moved to Bradford after thirteen years of experience in the catering industry where he managed restaurants and events in Sheffield.

He is enthusiastic about having had the chance to open up the hotel and is happy at the thought of being given the job of manager in charge of the hotel. One great thing that the hotel chain think will work in their best interests is the fact that the economical situation in the UK isn’t at its best at the moment – and it will work well with more and more travelers looking for budget accommodation. Something that can be found at the Bradford Premier Inn Hotel.

Because the hotel used to be an office block, it offers guests a fantastic selection in rooms that are well air conditioned. The prices start at just a 52 GPB per night. If you are a repeat customer and want to save time, the hotel chains owners the Whitbread group has introduced air port styled self check in kiosks that can make your life a whole lot easier and they will be one of the first hotels in the chain to have done so.

The manager, Mr. Simon Docherty held a local event on the 7th of December for 70 local businesses in the Bradford area in an aim to promote the new hotel to its potential new clientele. The Morrison’s supermarket, which has over 470 stores around the UK, is already a loyal customer of the hotel chain and they are already based in Bradford.

The new staff that have been taken on at the hotel have been trained prior to the opening and they are ready to serve the customers. The manager mentioned that they were keen to employ those that were unemployed and local residents inside the Bradford area to help train them and give them better opportunities. The staff that will serve in the hotel are aged between 18 and 50, like the clients that stop over there.

In order to sift through the selection process the hotel worked with the nearby job centre and Bradford College that helped them to set up a successful interview and training exercise that lasted for a 2 week period. Something that he seems keen doing again in the future should there be the need to employ any more staff in the newly opened hotel.

[Image courtesy of GMI]