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Dream Premier Inn Sleep
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British Think About Their Work – Even When They Sleep

by Keith on 13 Jan 2012

It’s global knowledge that sometimes Brits statistically work long hours, but apparently when we lie down to rest at night most of us dream about work. Yes, the awful reality is that it seems to be all work and no play. When a recent survey was conducted, British people seemed to take…

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Reindeer Tie Lost Property
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Premier Inn Helps Reunite Guests with Missing Christmas Presents

by Keith on 6 Jan 2012

It’s the end of the Christmas season, but for those members of society that had the pleasure of stopping over at a Premier Inn Hotel and losing a beloved gift that was given to them over the holiday period, it will be great news to hear that the Premier Inn…

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Islington Green Premier Inn

New Premier Inn Hotel in London Islington Green

by Keith on 24 Dec 2011

The United Kingdom’s successful hotel chain the Premier Inn, which is owned by the Whitbread Group has done it again. They have opened up yet another new hotel to add to an already extensive list of hotel accommodation. This time, the new branch is located in Islington, London. When it…

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Premier Inn Eco Hotel
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Premier Inn at the Forefront of Reducing CO2 Emissions

by Keith on 22 Dec 2011

The UK’s largest budget hotel chain, Premier Inn has just celebrated a plethora of incredible breakthroughs in reducing Co2 emissions when they operate their day to day business regime. They are also happy to announce that they’ll offer their clients a lot of more sustainable choices. Back in 2010, the…

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Premier Inn Jobs
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Premier Inn Create 1000 new jobs for Christmas

by Keith on 22 Nov 2011

At Christmas a Premier Inn may be just be the place to be; whether it is a short shopping break or a Christmas party in one of their restaurants you are sure to have a good time. But can a Premier Inn offer anything else? Christmas is coming Does the…

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