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Bath – A Good Base For Visiting The Cotswolds

by Sheryllovenkrandz on 7 Dec 2012

The city of Bath is located within the county of Somerset within the south western part of England. The city is located about ninety-seven miles from western London and about thirteen miles to the south east of Bristol. Bath has been a city since 1590 and has been attracting visitors…

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Sheffield – More Than Just A Steel City

by Sheryllovenkrandz on 30 Nov 2012

The city of Sheffield is the second largest city within Yorkshire. It has strong links with the steel industry and especially the production of cutlery. Sheffield  is one of the main cities in Britain in terms of specialist and heavy engineering.  Sheffield suffered badly from the decline in the steel…

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Southampton – A Much Overlooked Destination with Promise

by Sheryllovenkrandz on 23 Nov 2012

The city of Southampton is the largest place within Hampshire County, which is located on the southern coast of England. This city is located about seventy five miles from the southwestern part of London and it is nineteen miles away from Plymouth. The city of Southampton has a population of…

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Gatwick or Heathrow: why Gatwick is better

by Sheryllovenkrandz on 16 Nov 2012

If you’re flying in or out of London you’ll have plenty of airports from which to choose. Whilst all the London area airports offer international flights, you might have to make the choice between Heathrow or Gatwick for a domestic or short haul European trip, as well as some flights…

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Don’t look beyond Aberdeen

by Sheryllovenkrandz on 9 Nov 2012

Edinburgh has its castle and the Fringe Festival that draw visitors from around the globe while Glasgow is known as Scotland’s city that thrives with culture and a kicking nightlife. Equally, tourists flock to St Andrews for that much pursued glimpse of UK royalty. These spots in Scotland are each…

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