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From world heritage to world class: staying at Weymouth Premier Inn

by Keith on 26 Sep 2012

No matter what your initial feelings on the 2012 Olympic Games, chances are you were following some of the action of this sporting event with interest. Whilst the athletic prowess of others might not encourage you to don a sports kit yourself, the Games have opened our eyes to numerous…

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Belfast Premier Inn Hotel
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Visit Belfast – A Renewed City of Style and Culture

by Keith on 1 Feb 2012

Magnificent but underestimated, Belfast is an impressive city that fascinates visitors year round with its glorious art scene and intriguing heritage. The capital of Northern Ireland, it has been overshadowed for decades by Dublin and other destinations throughout the isle. This is mostly due to its former reputation as a…

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Left Side Positive Thinkers
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Positive Thinkers Sleep on the Left of the Bed

by Keith on 25 Jan 2012

We’ve all heard the saying about ‘getting out of the bed on the wrong side‘ and having a bad temper because we rolled out of bed the wrong way. Well now it could be proved correct, especially if you are a right-side sleeper! It’s been proven with research that those…

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Half Term Sale
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Premier Inn Offer Rooms for £19 a Night in Half Term Sale

by Keith on 20 Jan 2012

Premier Inn have a Half Term Sale now live, which enables you to book a room for just £19. This price is for stays between Saturday 11th February until Saturday 11th March 2012. The offer includes comfy family rooms that have room for two grown ups and two kids (and…

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bed bouncer
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Director of ‘Bed Bouncing’ Has Backside Insured For 4 Million

by Keith on 18 Jan 2012

Yes, you read the title correctly. It’s true if you thought that your job was a dream job, then you should try the role of Natalie Thomas, the 39 year old that comes from Bedfordshire has a perfect job. She has to visit all of the Premier Inn hotels around…

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