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Premier Inn go Greener in 2011

by Andrea on 24 Jan 2011

In an effort to help the environment any way it can, Premier Inn has opened two eco-friendly hotels, one in Central Tamworth and the other in Burgess Hill. The Premier Inn Good Together initiative’s priorities include consuming less energy and water and reducing waste, and the Premier Inn Good Together team is learning new skills to advance the programme.


Responsible sourcing ensures that suppliers conform to international labour rights’ standards, and Premier Inn is helping guests to choose healthier foods with the aim of meeting the 2012 health objectives of the government in 2011. The hotel group is also working with the community to help needy people, and wants its guests to feel that they are contributing to environmental health by making the right choice in drink, food and accommodations in 2011.


Guests who stay in a Premier Inn green hotel are encouraged to switch off lights when they leave a room, close windows and doors to preserve the warmth inside, only turn up the heat when necessary and walk or use public transport on sightseeing trips or entertainment outings.


The first Premier Inn green hotel is right in the centre of Tamworth, and uses innovative technology and design to save significant amounts of water and carbon, resulting in an 81% reduction in its carbon footprint. The 60-guest room Premier Inn green hotel in Burgess Hill uses the top-performing Tamworth technologies and features a ground-breaking green restaurant. It recycles grey water and has economical low-flow showerheads, and natural energy provides cooling and heating.