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New Premier Inn Hotel to be Built in Barry

by Keith on 29 Nov 2011

The new and up-and-coming Innovation Quarter at the Waterfront, Barry is to be the home of a new budget hotel and restaurant being developed by the 3 time award winning Premier Inn chain. The building work will commence in January 2012 and the hotel should be open by August next year. It will bring construction jobs to the area and once the hotel opens will bring between fifty and sixty permanent jobs.

Premier Inn in Barry

Premier Inn have been quick to snap up a site at the Innovation Quarter at the beginning of the areas major regeneration and development work thus giving them a chance to get in early with the companies being attracted to the area.

Barry has been undergoing resurgence over the last few years developing its housing, shops and industry along the old dock and port areas. The regeneration of the Innovation Quarter is joined by a recently passed waterfront shopping and housing development valued at £230 million; all of which should see an increase in both leisure and business visitors to the area.

Barry’s History – Potted
Barry developed as a port in 1880 thanks to the coal industry and soon outgrew the city of Cardiff’s coal port; the opening of the Barry Railway Company, which transported coal from the South Wales coal mines, ensured its success. It became a thriving port and in 1913 became the largest coal exporter in the world.

Barry Island also benefited from the new railway line growing into one of South Wales’s largest holiday resorts famed for its funfair and Butlin’s camp; the funfair still survives today but the camp has long gone. Also the train marshalling yards became famous as the storage depot for old steam trains when diesel and electric took over the countries tracks. The scrap yard, run by Woodham Brothers, became responsible for helping to preserve over two hundred of these extraordinary engines.

The docks area is no longer the busy shipping area it once was and most of Barry’s employment comes from industry.

Barry’s Location
Barry sits on the south-east coast of Wales and is very close to the city of Cardiff, Cardiff (Wales) airport and the M4 motorway. It has major road and rail links and the new Premier Inn is situated not far from Barry Railway station. It has always been a very popular seaside resort attracting visitors from all over.

What’s Occurring
Anyone who likes their comedy will have heard of the modern day classic serious ‘Gavin and Stacey’; well the Welsh side of this Anglo-Welsh love story is based in Barry. Tours of all the favourite ‘Gavin and Stacey’ locations are available if you are an avid fan.

Barry with its vast dock area has a Tall Ship’s Festival in September; it gives you the opportunity to board and look around these magnificent ocean going ships. The festival also includes a fairground, craft and food stalls, bars and live music; oh and do not worry those pirates are there for your amusement not to haul you off to sea.

With the commitment shown by the Vale of Glamorgan Borough and Barry Town Councils for regeneration Barry has the chance to recapture its former glory over the next few years. With this 80 bedroom development right in the centre of Barry, Premier Inn has put itself into prime position with their new hotel; it is also the first hotel to be built in Barry for twenty years.

So keep a look out in 2012 for a Premier Inn hotel in Barry!