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Premier Inn Recycling Scheme

by Andrea on 6 Jul 2010

Premier Inn Goes Green With The Premier Inn Recycling Scheme

The owner of Premier Inn, Whitbread, is pioneering a revolutionary waste food recycling scheme that is due to be launched in more than 300 of its hotels and restaurants in 2010. Additional brands under the hotel group are Table Table, Brewers Fayre and Beefeater. The firm has announced that the plan is being introduced to prevent the massive amounts of carbon emissions the group’s properties put out every year.

The anaerobic digestion process will be utilised, which employs micro-organisms to produce compost from food scraps and other kitchen waste. The resulting green energy will then be used as bio-fertiliser, as well as to power amenities. The waste will be collected and handled by Veolia Environmental Services, which will send it to be processed at BiogenGreenfinch.

According to Whitbread’s waste and recycling procurement manager, Alexandra Glenn, Whitbread aspires to become one of sustainable hospitality’s leaders. She says that the hotelier’s target is to divert 80% of its rubbish from landfill by the year 2012.


In addition, Whitbread revealed in May that it plans to reduce its consumption of water by as much as 20%. Other hotel groups have joined the hotelier, as sustainable hospitality and tourism emerge as the main trend in the travel industry. Increasingly, hotels are seeking ways to reduce water and energy use, as well as waste creation. As the global community strives to find ways to improve its recycling practices, big restaurant and hotel chains are endeavouring to make changes that will enable them to keep up.