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Premier Inn at the Forefront of Reducing CO2 Emissions

by Keith on 22 Dec 2011

The UK’s largest budget hotel chain, Premier Inn has just celebrated a plethora of incredible breakthroughs in reducing Co2 emissions when they operate their day to day business regime. They are also happy to announce that they’ll offer their clients a lot of more sustainable choices.

Back in 2010, the owners of the Premier Inn Hotel chain, Whitbread – made a very important commitment to make sure that they reduced the amount of carbon emissions that their businesses used, by a whopping 26% by the year 2020. This was to do with their 2009 baseline. They plan to be number one in the UK’s hospitality niche to introduce a lower carbon way of operating.

They have announced that three major changes have taken place when the hotel chain introduced a program to reduce CO2 emissions. Premier Inn will maintain these changes when all of their 46,000 bedrooms are operating under the guidelines.

Premier Inn Eco Hotel

The changes include;
A) Making sure that an excellent sustainably rating was given to their Burgess Hill branch that has a beefeater grill house. This award was handed out by the BRE- Short for Building Research Establishment. The branch in Burgess Hill only opened up a year ago and has amazing technology that is now being implemented across their portfolio. This branch of hotel is the second green hotel opened by the chain.

b) The hotel chain have quantified the footprint of the Premier Inn bed and have now managed to make sure that all future beds that are inside their hotels will have very low emissions when produced.

c) The company have also just ranked as one of the UK’s best for taking responsibility and getting a certificate from the carbon trust standard. Only 80 companies in the UK managed to do this.

The head of business responsibilities, Claire Hornsby, said that the hotel chain is looking for new ways to reduce the impact that their business has on the environment and that they hope to make a positive change. Just by reducing emissions it saves the hotel chain money, and it also makes them more of a threat to competitors. It helps to bring them out above rivals. They plan on continuing to do so and are extremely serious and committed with reaching their target of carbon reduction rates.

With a little help from the carbon trust, the hotel found out that their carbon foot print could be reduced even more by working with Hypnos, a quality bed manufacturer, to bring down the number of carbon emissions that each bed sends off to the environment when in the manufacturing process.

The company are extremely committed to making sure that they reach their goal and will continue to carry out checks that will help them to strive and bring down their footprint more. So, if you are looking for a hotel with a difference and don’t want to carry the guilt of having a large carbon footprint for the night. Simply book in at the Premier Inn where you can be sure that you will have a comfortable stay with the UK’s greenest chain of hotels.