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Premier Inn Helps Reunite Guests with Missing Christmas Presents

by Keith on 6 Jan 2012

It’s the end of the Christmas season, but for those members of society that had the pleasure of stopping over at a Premier Inn Hotel and losing a beloved gift that was given to them over the holiday period, it will be great news to hear that the Premier Inn hotel has decided to make a gift uniting service available for a limited amount of time on Facebook.

So, any gifts that were left behind and don’t have an owner will be listed on Facebook. It’s a fantastic service for those that drank and got a little bit too merry, perhaps mislaying their Christmas gifts.  A good service, but also a dangerous one seeing how hotels seem to bring out the kinky side in people, especially in couples that choose to stop over there for a season of romance! It could actually turn out to be very embarrassing to be called up and have someone tell you, “Excuse me madam, but are these your fluffy handcuffs?”.

The hotel staff are wise, and have decided to eliminate embarrassment by leaving it up to you to claim your missing pressies and they have made the service very simple. If you have left one of your not so embarrassing Christmas gifts behind at a Premier Inn Hotel then all you have to do is go to their Facebook page and comment on there with your missing gift item, and the hotel where you lost the gift.

The staff at Premier Inn will be responding to all messages between the 4th of Jan, until the 17th of Jan 2012. Former guests that have lost items will also need to get in direct contact with the Premier Inns customer call service centre, where staff will be on hand to help out. You should be aware that all guests that have lost items will have to provide proof that the item is theirs so it’s a better idea to have hunt for your receipts.

Just a few of the gifts that have winded their way back to guests – or have been listed on Facebook are;

A set of five one direction dolls and someone’s travel tickets for the Eurostar are just a few of the gifts that have been left behind by guests in the hotel over the festive season! Other gifts that have turned up are listed below;

Cliff Richard 2012

Although the hotel are doing their very best to get your lost items back to you – if you have lost something and can’t find it then you will be better off claiming on your personal insurance for the item. That way you will be able to guarantee that you get back your well spent cash. Perhaps the lesson of the story is drink and be merry – but keep your Christmas presents at home under the tree!