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Positive Thinkers Sleep on the Left of the Bed

by Keith on 25 Jan 2012

We’ve all heard the saying about ‘getting out of the bed on the wrong side‘ and having a bad temper because we rolled out of bed the wrong way. Well now it could be proved correct, especially if you are a right-side sleeper! It’s been proven with research that those who roll out of bed after spending a good night’s sleep on their left, are actually more positive. They seem to hold down jobs that they actually like! In comparison to their right counterparts, who seem to be less happy in their places of employment.

When asked, over 25% of the nation said that they firmly believe that there is a wrong place wake up in. The right and left sides of bed are defiantly proving to be a different experience. Over 75% of people say that they are so used to sleeping on the left or right that they would find it extremely weird to have to swap over to the other side to sleep and something that they didn’t think would be possible in the long term. It is something worth trying out though, especially for those that can never crack a smile, because over two thirds of people that rest on their left claim that they really are more calm and relaxed and it’s nothing to do with practising yoga or relaxation techniques.

Lefties seem to be able to have the ability to remain calmer than their partners in an argument and they are also placed in permanent jobs in the workplace that offer more stability.

Left Side Positive Thinkers

A whopping 31 percent of those people that slept on the left liked their jobs and only 18% of the people that slept on the right side did. Although, it wasn’t very bad news in terms of payment, because those people that slept on the right seemed to be earning, on average, a lot more than their left sided counterparts. The research was made by Claire Hauigh the spokeswoman for the Premier Inn Hotel chainand she said that it very clearly indicated that there is a pattern with your mood and the side that you lay your head down to rest to at night.

People that sleep on the left of their beds also seem to be very happy and cheerful, they also seem to be a hell of a lot more positive and are able to stay happier than those that rest on the right side.

So if you seem to be feeling a little down and can’t shake the blues it might be time that you swap over to the other side of the bed and try to take a good night’s rest. Maybe you will be able to wake up more happy and positive. It is worth while remembering that those of you that are more money orientated should settle to being on the right side and get used to being grumpier because there’s  a fine line when it comes to earning cash and getting a good night’s sleep!Next time you check in at the Premier Inn Hotel perhaps you should try out the other side if you are a right sleeper.

Also: I wonder what side of the bed the ‘Director of Bed Bouncing‘ sleeps on?